Plantation or Great Houses


The building of plantation houses, is the work of the British, after they arrived in Barbados in 1625.  Plantations are large fields where crops are grown for export.  Plantations or estates are usually found in the tropics. The British planned to grow tobacco, cotton and sugar.

Plantation houses are also called great houses. They were the homes of the plantation owners.

There are many plantations dotted around the island, many in ruins, however a few have remained in the hands of the original owners, some have been restored to become private homes, bed and breakfast accommodations and hotels. In some cases the old great house is surrounded by new homes or the plantation house has been completely demolished.

Consett Plantation, is the home of Codrington College... Farley Hill is a National Park... Graeme Hall is a Nature Sanctuary... they were all plantations sometime in the past after the British arrived in 1625.

Here is the list, with as much history as we could find:


Christ Church

Balls Plantation

Graeme Hall


St. George

Byde Mill Plantation House

Francia Plantation

Brighton Plantation

The Valley Plantation House

Golden Ridge Plantation House

Drax Hall Plantation

St. James

Holders House

Apes Hill Plantation

Molyneux Plantation House

Lancaster Plantation House

Lascelles Great House

Taitts Plantation House

Springhead Plantation House

St. John

Todds Great House

Clifton Hall Plantation

Consett Plantation

Cliff Plantation

Villa Nova Country House Hotel

St. Joseph

Easy Hall Plantation


Bissex Plantation

St. Lucy

Friendly Hall Plantation

Lamberts Plantation

St. Michael

Bellevue House

Brittons Hill Plantation House

Tyrol Cot

St. Peter

Cobblers Cove Hotel

St. Nicholas Abbey

Farley Hill National Park

Mullins Mill House


St. Philip

Pollards Mill House

Bayleys Plantation

Sam Lord's Castle

Foursquare Plantation

Oughterson Great House

Golden Grove Plantation

Sunbury Plantation House

St. Thomas

Bagatelle Great House

Fisherpond Great House