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Wedding Cake, Caterers, Beverages & Ice


Kysharona's Cakes, will make your wedding cake and cakes for other occasions.
3rd Ave Greaves Land, Black Rock, St. Michael Telephone: 261-5546
Carib Horizons will create your traditional or contemporary wedding cake.  They have been in the business for over 20 years.
Plantain Walk, Fordes Road., St. Michael, 436-2227
H. P. Cake Designs, 437-8344. Arrange to have your cake done!
http://www.flindtbarbados.com/caterpage.html - Flindt Patisserie and Bistro will cater to weddings, bridal or baby shower and other important events in your life.
http://www.barbadosbarbados.com/catering.cfm  - Contact Carolyn and Bill O'Dell to cater your wedding.
http://www.pangroove.com/ - Pangroove will do the catering, flowers, music, bridal boot camp, photography, decorating and more...
3 Keswick Center, Hastings, Christ Church, 435 9264 or 428 1368. Fax  420-4483.  Email: info@pangroove.com  
Caribbean Spice Catering Services, is the catering service with a difference. Our food, as the name suggests, is prepared with the various spices used in Caribbean cooking thus giving it the unique flavour for the individual country. As well as special events we also deliver lunches to your home, hotel or office.
Clarkes Land, Paradise Road, Spooners Hill, St Michael, 424-9617.  Email: spice_caribbean@yahoo.com
Corbin's Catering Services will cater your wedding including your bar requirements. Strathclyde, St. Michael, 427-7777
Wine World Inc offers wine, liquor and accessories. The website is currently under development.  You can download the PDF catalog file.
Spring Garden Highway, St. Michael, 434-4301
Rockley, Christ Church, 435-8523
Holetown, St. James, 432-7472
Warren's West Centre, St. Michael, 421-9571
http://www.caveshepherd.com/ - Cave Shepherd.  Purchase wine or alcohol for your wedding.
Do not buy it duty-free as it will be delivered to the airport when you are leaving Barbados.  If you are using a Wedding Planner, then leave the purchase up to them as they can purchase bar stock at wholesale prices from
Hanschell Innis Ltd., Goddard's Complex, Kensington, Fontabelle, St. Michael, 426-2525.
Stansfeld, Scott & Company Ltd., Spring Garden Highway, 426-4410 or
Stokes & Bynoe, Meadow Road, Wildey, St. Michael, 467-2222.
SBI Distribution Inc., Spring Garden Highway, St. Michael, 424-9950. Wine & Spirits Section, 424-9984. Closed on weekends.
http://www.mountgayrum.com/ - Mount Gay Rum. Purchase your wedding stock from their outlet at Spring Garden Highway, Brandons, St. Michael, 425-9066
Tropic Ice will provide you with ice, bottled water, cold storage rental as well as supplies. Salters, St. George, 429-2200.



            A [very] short story "Something Old, Something New"

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