Miscellaneous Necessities For Your Barbados Wedding

K.D's Food Fair for utensils, table napkins, tissues & other supplies.  Offers free delivery.
Deighton Road, St. Michael, 436-6940
Disposable cameras are at Cave Shepherd, Broad Street, 227-2157.  Disposable cameras can be placed on each table for your guests to use and take away. As well you can purchase luggage, beachwear and suntan lotion.
Lazy Days & Island Ways, has beachwear and surf gear. A dutyfree shop!
Quayside Centre, Rockley, Christ Church, 435-8115.
Chattel Village, Holetown, St. James, 432-5432.

Magellan's offers luggage, gifts, footwear.  Several catalogs from which to choose.  They will ship to Barbados.
Luggage can be purchased at any Harrisons location.
PBX (All Depts) 431-5500
Luggage Repair can be done at The Luggage Shop, 503 London Bourne Towers, Bay Street,  426-2635

            A [very] short story "Something Old, Something New"

Bridal gowns, dresses, Bridesmaid's & Flowergirl's dresses, accessories... Marriage Licence Requirements
                       The Magistrates
                       The Churches
Decorating supplies and rental shops Luggage, beach wear, supplies...
Wedding Cake, Caterers, Beverages, Ice & more... Music
Get your wedding outfits cleaned right away! Beauty Salons & Make-up Artists
Bridal Bouquets & Decorations Photographers
Wedding Gifts 'Just a list of special songs
Gift Registries in Barbados Spa, massage & bodycare
Groomsmen Apparel & Accessories Limos, cars...
Hotels & Resorts offering wedding packages Unisex Salons, Barber Shops
Rent your honeymoon villa Rent your wedding venue!
Hire the services of house cleaners Videographers
Where to get your Invitations printed Documents you will need for travelling to Barbados
Wedding rings and other things! List of wedding planners, consultants, co-ordinators...

Manicure & Pedicure services