Getting Around While In Barbados

Take the bus! Cheap public transportation... These buses are blue and yellow. Having exact bus fare is advisable. (about $2.00)These buses cover much of the island.

There is a privately owned Minibus company also. The minibuses are painted bright yellow with a blue stripe. Fare is about the same.

There are privately-owned Maxi-taxis, painted white with a maroon stripe. They ply selected areas.

Take a taxi! Negotiate your fare with the driver before getting into a taxi as the cars are not metered.

Rent a car or bicycle!

Drive on the left side of the road, please!

Bring your driver's license from home, as well, the car rental agent will provide you with the required local permit.

Purchasing car insurance is recommended.

Check at the rental agency about assistance in the case of a break-down or accident.

A moped is a motorized bicycle. It may also be referred to as a scooter. When renting a moped you will be required to wear a helmet and have in your possession a motorcycle license. Check with your car rental agency for the moped.


Car Rental Agents:

Jordan's Car Rental, St. James, 421-6830.

Chelsea Motors, St. Michael, 228-0682.

Drive-A-Matic Barbados Car Rentals, St. James, 422-4000.

Top Class Car Rentals, Christ Church, 228-7368.

Southern Rentals, Christ Church, 428-7013.

Direct Car Rentals Limited, Christ Church, 420-6372.

Elite Cars, Christ Church, 427-7539.

Coconut Car Rentals, St. Michael, 437-0297

Executive Car Rentals, Christ Church, 228-1993.

Stoutes Car Rental, St. Philip, 416 4456.

Courtesy Rent-A-Car, St. Michael, 431-4160.


Bicycle Rental:

Flex Bicycle Tour & Rentals, 419-2453.

Highland Adventure Centre, St. Thomas, 428-8069