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Get Married In Barbados At Any of The Churches Listed Below

List of churches, registered and approved by the Government of Barbados 



The Anglican Church Diocesan Office, Mandeville House St. Michael. Tel. No. (246) 426-2762 Fax No. (246) 426-0871 Email: mandeville@sunbeach.net


Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies, P.O. Box 23W Worthing, Christ Church. Tel. No. (246) 420-7721


African Methodist Episcopal Church, C/o Presiding Elder, Upper Collymore Rock, St. Michael. Tel. No. (246) 427-1046


The Methodist Church, James Street Church Office James Street, Bridgetown. Tel. No. (246) 436-6859 Fax No. (246) 427-1319 Email: jamesstreet@caribsurf.com


Bridgetown Diocese of Roman Catholic Church, Ladymeade Gardens, P.O. Box 1223, Bridgetown, St. Michael. Tel. No. (246) 426-3510 Fax No. (246) 429-6198 Email: rcbishopbgl@caribsurf.com

Salvation Army

Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters, Reed Street, Bridgetown. Tel. Nos. (246) 426-2467/(246) 228-1361 Fax (246) 426-9369 Email: BarbadosDivisionalCommander@Car.salvationarmy.org


Eastern Caribbean Conference of Seventh Day Adventists, Brittons Hill, St. Michael. Tel. No. (246) 429-7234 Fax No. (246) 429-8055


Church of the Nazarene District Office, Eagle Hall, St. Michael. Tel. No. (246) 425-1067 Fax (246) 435-6486  


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, West Indies Mission, 14 Walkers Terrace, St. George. Tel. No. (246) 429-1385 Fax No. (246) 435-6486

Spiritual Baptist

Sons of God Apostolic Spiritual Baptist Church, Jerusalem Apostolic Cathedral, Ealing Grove, Christ Church. Tel. (246) 428-8738

Emmanuel Baptist

Baptist Churches of Barbados, Emmanuel Baptist Church, St. Michael. Tel. No. (246) 426-2697 Email: emmbaptc@caribsurf.com

Ethiopian Orthodox

Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Long Gap Opposite 3rd Ave., Spooners Hill, St. Michael. Tel. No. (246) 424-4380


The Moravian Church Calvary Office, Roebuck Street, St. Michael. Tel. No. (246) 426-2337 Fax No. (246) 228-4381 Fax No. (246) 228-6957 Email: calvarymoravian@sunbeach.net

Jehovah’s Witness

Jehovah’s Witness, Fontabelle, St. Michael. Tel. No. (246) 437-8710


Wesleyan Holiness Church, District Headquarters, Whitepark Road, St. Michael. Tel. No. (246) 429-3692 Fax No. (246) 429-3692 Email: w.h.bdist@caribsurf.com 


Calvary Evangelical Church, #58 Rowans Park East, St. George. Tel: (246) 228 – 0510 E-mail: nlt_taylor@hotmail.com nlt_taylor@yahoo.com


Barbados Muslim Association, #28 Maxwell Terrace, Christ Church. Tel. (246) 428-4212/ (246) 427-2233/ (246) 233-2074 Fax. (246) 420-2230 E-mail: islambarb@hotmail.com


National Spiritual Assembly of Bahais, 2nd Avenue, Belleville, St. Michael.   Tel. 429-9424

United Holy Church of America, Mount Olive, Carrington’s Village, St. Michael. Tel. No. (246) 427-3768 Fax No. (246) 424-1531
New Testament Church of God, River Road, St. Michael. Tel. No. (246) 426-1359 Fax No. (246) 228-4381 (246) 427-9862 Email: ntcog-merc@sunbeach.net
Worldwide Church of God, #6 Ealing Grove Christ Church. Tel. Nos. (246) 418-0760 Fax No. (246) 418-0732
Truth for the Final Generation Church, Bailey Hill, Redman Village, St. Thomas. Tel.: (246) 421-7297 Email: truth@sunbeach.net
Apostolic Church, London Road Temple, Brittons Hill, St. Michael. Tel. No. (246) 436-7121 Fax : (246) 421-7790
Berean Bible Church, Passage Road, President Kennedy Drive, St. Michael. Tel. No. (246) 426-4707 Fax No. (246) 426-0815
General Assembly of Church of God, Chapman Street, Bridgetown. Tel. No. (246) 426-5327  
Love Gospel Assembly, Beulah Corner, St. Philip. Tel. No. (246) 423- 7936 Fax (246) 423-7936 Email: evan.goddard@blpc.com.bb
Ebenezer Revival Centre, 1st Ave. Whitehall, Tenantry Road, St. Michael. Tel. No. (246) 424-3043
Restoration Ministries, Layne’s Road, Brittons Hill, St. Michael. Tel. No. (246) 436-8398 Fax No. (246)436-8398 Email: restoration@sunbeach.net
People’s Cathedral, Bishop’s Court Hill, St. Michael. Tel. No. (246)429-2145 Fax No. (246)429-4707 Email: tpc@sunbeach.net
Revival Time Assembly, Maxwell Great House, Maxwell Hill, Christ Church. Tel. No.: (246) 424-3043
United Pentecostal Council of the Assemblies of God, Bridge Gap, Goodland, St. Michael. Tel. No. (246) 425-6825 Fax: (246) 425-6825
The Abundant Life Assembly, Bank Hill House, Bank Hall, St. Michael. Tel. No. (246) 427-9166 Fax No.:(246) 437-8331 Email: office@ala.org.bb


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