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Vacation Villa Rentals in Barbados

Barbados offers some of the most exclusive and luxurious villas in the Caribbean.  Most of these romantic, enchanting and secluded villas can be found on the West Coast, where the calm Caribbean Sea rolls in ever so gently on the soft sandy beaches.  A one-night stay can be as high as $3,000 U.S. currency.  If only money were no object!

The views out your window could be of the sea, or a beautifully landscaped garden or the pool or all 3!  Your villa could be just a mere few steps away from the sea!

The cost of renting a villa in Barbados would depend on the time of year you have arranged for your vacation.  For renting in Barbados, the high season begins December 15th and ends April 14th.  The low season begins on April 15 and ends December 14.  Note that price also depends on the number of beds, for 10 beds, the price per night or per week is higher.

Special rates apply  at Christmas time, so consider this  high season and expect prices to be much higher than in high season.  There may also be a minimum stay policy.  Some villas are booked for the Christmas season in September, so you need to confirm your vacation plans as soon as possible.

You will also be required to pay a security deposit.  A telephone-use deposit may also be requested by the owner of the villa. A Government tax has to be added to the rates quoted.

The villas are a home away from home.  They are tastefully furnished, consist of one to more than seven bedrooms, with ensuite baths, satellite or cable television, a home theatre along with the most up-to-date electronics and an exercise room with a private swimming pool and tennis court.  Expect marble floors and granite countertops.   Villa rentals can be self-catering, or include a cook, chef, butler, maid and gardener.

Please note that some villas do not allow children or may accept children over a certain age.

These modern, attractive villas, some with an authentic Caribbean feel are built using white coral limestone, which is mined in Barbados.

You would also have use of the guest house if there is one on the property as well as nearby resort facilities. 

Keep in mind that not all of the villas are wheelchair accessible.

Indulge in the vacation of your dreams by booking a vacation villa now or start making your wish list!

The most enchanting villas in Barbados: (in no particular order!)

Cove Spring House

Bon Vivant

Crystal Springs



Leamington Pavilion

Grendon House Villa



Our Villa Index for hundreds of rental villas in Barbados:

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