Barbados Real Estate - Buying Property In Barbados

Buying a home in Barbados is something many people only dream of. A little determination and, some financial resources can easily make this dream become a reality. Those who buy real estate in the Caribbean do so for many reasons.  These include:

• A place to spend your retirement

• A purchase for investment purposes

• A second home as an ideal getaway

• To escape the rat race for a slower warmer pace of life

• To Return back home

Before you take that big step here are a few tips to keep your dream a reality, Generally your purchase will fall into the following categories

A home in a developer's planned "community."

A villa or other single-family home.

A time-share or condominium in a share format.

Here are a few more tips:

• Don't rush.

• Get familiar with the island and the type of properties you're considering.

• Know the people and the lifestyle.

• Get advice from a reliable source

• Select a reputable local Attorney

• Use a respected Real Estate Agent

• Don't let yourself be pressured by a pushy salesman.

Planned communities are springing up around Barbados. These communities offer many amenities and the convenience of a planned setup. Some offer special medical plans for the retired .They're often quite luxurious and offer prestigious items such as big-name golf courses.
Some properties are ready to move in; others you may need to build. Work with the developer; find out how
long the building process will take and where and how the materials will arrive.

Vuemont The Lakes in St. Peter, Barbados is one such community

Barbados still offers value for money. Of course, the sky's the limit here -
you can spend as much as you want to! But the fact is that you don't have to drop a fortune to get a liveable home.
The home could also be used as rental property for one or more weeks a year, when you're off-site, and make money to help  pay off the cost.
Always be careful to choose a well-established agency to assist you if you decide to offer your home for rent.
Understand local ways of doing business and local property conventions; in some cases, titles are leasehold
rather than ownership.
A good attorney and established real estate agent are your best defense and safeguard.

No matter what type of home you choose, I know you'll be happy with your choice if you observe the guidelines and always remember the old caveat, "Let the buyer beware."

Take precautions, educate yourself, get good advice and soon you'll be enjoying your own personal space on Barbados!

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