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St. Michael Parish

Heritage Tours Barbados offers The Garrison Historic Tours.

Segway of Barbados offers adventure, fun tours on the Segway which is a two-wheeled electric vehicle.

Ocean Adventures, 69 Clerview Heights, Stage 1,St. Michael, 438-2088.
Blue Ocean Tours offer specialized island tours, group airport transfers, transfers for wedding parties, conferences, sporting groups and more!

ATV Barbados, Belle Estate, 429-5337.
Tour some of the most remote and picturesque spots in Barbados on the back of your own fully automatic, easy-to-use All Terrain Vehicle / Quad Bike!

Island Safari, 429-5337.
You will be taken on fun filled island tours, using 4 x 4 jeeps, or a kayak or go on a rum shop safari, a beach safari... You can also custom make your own Safari Tours!

Bajan Helicopters, 431-0069.
Seating for five passengers in the air-conditioned Astars that take visitors around the island from top to bottom. Discover the beauty of Barbados and you can get great photographs and video.

Boyce's Tours, Grazettes Court.
Offers the widest selection of tours on Barbados.

Facilitators Unlimited, 5 Pelican Craft Centre, Bridgetown, 434-1111. Visit enchanting and mysterious caves and sunken shipwrecks. Go parasailing, or just have a relaxing sail along the coast where you can swim with a playful group of turtles.

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