More Sports and Games In Barbados!

There's always a game of some kind being played in Barbados and dominos would be one of them. Bajans love to play dominos, chess, draughts (checkers) and warri.

Warri, also known as the Game of Houses, is said to be the oldest game of the island, dating back several thousand years and originating in Africa.

If you would like to learn the game, here's the link.

Bajans also play pool, darts, cards and scrabble.

In mid-August, the sound of dominoes smacking tables can be heard as the best domino players across the island compete for the title: Banks Domino Champions in the Banks Domino Tournament.


National Domino, Whist & Hearts Club Association of Barbados, Mrs. Suzette Hinds, P.O. Box 225, Bridgetown, 228-6462,

Warrie: 424-0643.

Scrabble: 433-1978.

The Barbados Pool Association, 436-1050.

The Barbados Darts Association, 424-2762.

Sand Beach Volleyball:

Always the favorite of beach-goers, a game of volleyball can be easy-going or competitively intense. Barbados has a national league for serious players as well as public nets on the beaches of the southern coast.

Play on the beach at Carlisle Bay Centre, Bay Street, Bridgetown, St. Michael, 426-6101.

National Beach Volleyball Tour of Barbados is held at Brandons Beach, St. Michael, in September and November.

Barbados Volleyball Association, 431-5752.

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