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Hikes & Treks

Discover a side to Barbados most visitors never get to see! Every Sunday, the Barbados National Trust, in conjunction with the Future Centre Trust, organises two free guided hikes to some of the most beautiful and otherwise inaccessible parts of the island.
Hikes take place at 6am and 3.30pm, and last about three hours. -

Hike Barbados, all year, by the Barbados National Trust, St. Michael. .

Trekking: Highland Adventure Centre, St. Thomas, 438-8069.

The Barbados Hash House Harriers was founded November of 1985. Although we are a group primarily focused on running and walking events, we also promote charitable projects for the less fortunate. Boasting over 100 regulars, we meet every Saturday and Bank holiday at different locations throughout our beautiful island of Barbados. All are welcome to join us, just show up to run or walk, and to socialise... On On!

The Run Barbados Festival is held in November. The date announced for 2007 is November 30th to December 2nd.
Five events now take place on race day and accommodate everyone from the serious racer to the athletic toddler. Runners can choose from the marathon, half-marathon, 10 kilometre run, 5 kilometre walk, and toddlers walk. The island is also full of activity in the week leading up to the event as runners take to the roads at all times of the day and night in their final preparations.
The Run Barbados Festival is a weekend-long sporting event held within many of the popular original courses in and around Bridgetown.

Run Barbados Run,

Cycling & Mountain Biking

Go cycling anywhere in Barbados and you will be distracted by the beauty that surrounds you. Lush, tropical vegetation is all around you.

In the remote areas a mountain bike is recommended.

Bajans love to cycle and a tourist will more than likely find their hotel can arrange a rental and bicycle tour. Be cautious on the narrow roads of Barbados. There are no bicycle lanes.

Cycling competitions are held throughout the year.

Barbados Mountain Bike Association, 431-0419.

Barbados Cycling Union


In Barbados you will find courts for squash, badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis and road tennis.
Road tennis, a variation of table tennis is believed to have originated in Barbados. In the more remote areas, road tennis courts are found in the middle of the street.

Tennis courts are usually found at hotels around the island, where equipment is available for rental. Many are also floodlit so you can enjoy a game in the cool of the evening.

The annual First Caribbean Junior International Tournament in the spring attracts players from all over the world. Tennis competitions are centred around the courts of Wildey, St. Michel.

Barbados Lawn Tennis Association, P.O. Box 615 Bridgetown, Barbados, 426-6453.

Road Tennis:

A form of lawn tennis, played on a smaller court drawn on the road or any flat surface, played with a ball and racket. The ball is about 4 times the size of a ping pong ball and the racket is about 3 times the size of a ping pong racket.

Barbados Road Tennis Association, 228-6241 This is not for amateur sports.


Squash is usually played near Garrison Savannah, at the Wanderers cricket ground in Christ Church.

Pleasant Place Squash Club, 228-1321.

Barbados Squash Racquet Association, 436-0766 or 427-6819,

Barbados Table Tennis Association: 427-5662

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