Play Golf In Barbados

Barbados Golf Club, Durants, Christ Church, 428-8463. Re-designed by notable architect Ron Kirby and re-opened in 2000. 18 holes.

Barbados Academy of Golf & Public Driving Range, ABC Highway, Balls Complex, Christ Church, 420-7405.
Play 18 holes or miniature golf.

Royal Westmoreland, Westmoreland, St. James, 422-4653.
Play 18 holes.

Sandy Lane, Sandy Lane, St. James, 444-2500.
Play either on their 9-hole or 18-hole course.

Rockley Golf Club, offers a 9-hole executive golf course in Rockley, Christ Church, 435-7873.

Almond Beach Village, Heywoods, St. Peter, Toll free in North America: 1-800-4-ALMOND. or 422-4900.

Virtual Golf, 19th Hole Golf and Amusement Centre, Amaryllis Beach Resort, Hastings, Christ Church, 230-3360.

Exciting Events to come:

Royal Westmoreland Open-European Seniors Tour.
The tour gives amateurs the opportunity to play with Senior golf pros.
Royal Westmoreland. Usually held in February.

Sir Garfield Sobers Golf Invitational.
Held at the Barbados Golf Club, Sandy Lane and the Royal Westmoreland golf clubs. Usually in April.

Sir Garfield Sobers Schools Golf Tournament.
Anyone under age 18 may play in this event at the Southern Golf Club.

Golf courses currently under construction are:

Black Bess, in the Parish of St. Peter, by Banyan Tree. Banyan Tree


Apes Hill in the Parish of St. James, by Apes Hill Club Barbados, 432-4500.

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