Gone Fishing And Swimming And Driving And Shooting And To Play Hockey!


Fishin' in Barbados is a year round event. Charter your boat and hang up your 'gone fishing' sign!


Good Times Catamaran Cruises. Ken Watersports Inc., Lower Carlton, St. James, 422-1900.
Good Times offers private charters, lunch snorkel cruises, morning and sunset cruises including turtle trips. Lessons for snorkel beginners are free. Watersport activities, such as jet ski, banana rides, water-ski, scuba diving and fishing are available, also journeys to other Caribbean islands can be arranged.


IOU Charters Barbados will take you fishing for Wahoo, Barracuda, Tuna and other fish.  Your accommodation can also be arranged.


Make It Happen Barbados!, http://makeithappenbarbados.net/  - boat and fishing charters.  surfing instruction (all ages) and rentals, as well private island tours are offered.  
Bonwell Road, St. Joseph, Barbados, West Indies at: 246-244-3084.


Billfisher II, 431-0741.
Offers full day charters which include lunch.


Cannon II, 424-6107. http://www.fishingbarbados.com/
The vessel accommodates six passengers. Lunch is included on full day charters.


Sagicor/Mount Gay Rum International Game-Fishing Tournament usually held March.
Contact: Barbados Game Fishing Association,  436-6049. http://www.barbadosgamefishing.com/


Fishing Charters Barbados, 50 Ridge Avenue, Durants, Christ Church, 429-2326. http://www.bluemarlinbarbados.com/
Will seat four to six people. Most fishing is done by trolling. Drinks, snacks, bait, tackle, and transfers are provided.


High Seas Charters. Go Deep Sea Fishing with Captain Robby, 233-2598.




at Culpepper Island, St. Philip, around Sam Lord's castle, at Crane Beach in St. Philip and Bath, St. John. Click our link for the list of swimming beaches in Barbados.


Barbados has an impressive Aquatic Centre for competitive swimmers. The club is open to overseas visitors, as well.
The Aquatic Centre, St. Michael, 429-7946.




Modern Field Hockey dates to the 19th century and was introduced to Barbados by the British. It is played on a grass field.
Barbados hosts a Field Hockey Festival usually held mid August.
The week long festivities, include men's, ladies', mixed and men's veterans competitive streams. Teams arrive from around the world, including the Caribbean.
Matches are played at the Sir Garfield Sobers Complex Hockey Centre in Wildey, St. Michael and at Banks Brewery Sports Club, (427-5631) on natural grass pitch.  http://www.gymnasiumltd.com.bb/


Barbados Hockey Association, 423-5442


Barbados Hockey Federation, P.O. Box 66 B, Brittons Hill, St Michaƫl, 233-5719 or 233-6089



Target Sports

Archery and shooting are popular target sports in Barbados.
Visitors will find that the facilities available here are stocked with internationally recognized names in the sport.


If you prefer shooting, visit Kendal Sporting, a state-of-the-art range complete with computerized compact sporting stands and a 50-target sporting loop with a tower. There are hand-gun bays and a swimming pool. Stay for lunch in the clubhouse restaurant with the whole family. Play games such as darts, dominoes, checkers, cards and others. Also they carry paint ball equipment.

For details on target shooting events, contact the local rifle association. Over one hundred years old, the organization hosts various competitions throughout the year. The club is located at the Paragon Ranges in Christ Church.

The Barbados Clay Target Association, 437-4173.

The Barbados Rifle and Pistol Federation Inc., 427-0966. http://www.rifleandpistol.com/

The Barbados Rifle Association, 428-0158.

The Barbados Target Archery Association, Belle View Gap, Waterford, St. Michael, 430-0740.

Kendal Sporting Clays, Carrington, St. Philip, 437-5306.


Barbados Rallycross International

Usually in November at the Vaucluse Raceway, St. Thomas on Sunday. The motorcar rally is one of the most eagerly anticipated festivals on the island. The bright sunshine, narrow winding roads, breathtaking vistas of the sea, and picturesque country villages makes the country one of the best places to tour by car.
'Pick up' Motorsport calendar from the Rally Barbados



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