Sports Barbadians Play!

The national sport of Barbados is cricket.

Watch an international Test Match being played or a club match. Thereare local club matches played regularly and anywhere on the island youwill find a bunch of guys playing, just join in, or get your own teamtogether!

International Matches are played at Kensington Oval in Bridgetown.

In 2007 Barbados, neighbouring islands in the Caribbean and Guyana willtake part in the World Cup. The warm-up matches begin on Monday, March5th to Friday March 9, 2007 in Barbados.

Sir Garfield Sobers School Cricket Tournament. Named after one ofthe most famous Barbadian cricketers, this tournament attracts local,regional and international school teams, for those under 19 years ofage.

A 20 foot bronze statue of Sir Garry has been placed at the entrance ofKensington Oval at a re-dedication ceremony on February 16, 2007.

The Banks sponsored Tape Ball tournament takes place during the monthsof June, July and August under the floodlights pf the Barbados LumberCompany grounds, bringing together the island’s communities to competein a friendly, festive atmosphere.

Co–sponsored by Banks each summer, the Sir Garfield SobersInternational Schools Cricket Tournament gives young cricketers theopportunity to compete against some of the best junior cricketing teamsin the region and Europe.

Cricket Legends of Barbados

Barbados Cricket Association, 436-1397.

West Indies Cricket Board.



Basketball is just as popular here as it is around the world. Courts are all over the island.

Contact: Barbados Amateur Basketball Association, (BABA) P.O. Box 73WRoad, Welches Road, St. Michael. 427-6840.


Combat Games

Bajans also enjoy combat games such as Karate, Taekwondo and boxing. These are the most popular martial arts inBarbados with a number of small clubs training fighters of all ages.

Kickboxing, judo and fencing are also practiced by small but energetic fans of the sports.

The Fencing Club hires out equipment to visiting fencers if required.

Contacts: Barbados Fencing Federation, 419-8367.

The Barbados Karate Association, 426-5351.

The Barbados Judo Association, 429-5254.



Head for the Garrison on Saturdays to watch a game!

In May there is the Highland Games. The winning teams take part part inthe Celtic Festival in May, which runs for two weeks.

Contact: Barbados Rugby Club for their calendar.



The Barbados Football Association was founded in 1910, it wasoriginally named the Barbados Amateur Football Association and hasbecame affiliated with FIFA and the Caribbean Football Union.

In May, Banks Barbados International Masters Football Festival attractsteams from the United Kingdom, United States and across the Caribbean.
Matches are held in Dover, Christ Church on Friday, and most of theaction is at the Wanderers Club at Daryll’s (sometimes spelt Daryrlls)Road, Christ Church.


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Sports: Cricket, Basketball, Rugby & Football

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