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Christ Church

Limbo Lady Sailing Cruises, Inch Marlow, Christ Church, 420-5418.
Limbo Lady offers lunch and sunset cocktail cruises, and also specializes in private charters, or charters to other islands.

Super Cats Catamaran Sailing Cruises, 1st Avenue, Dover, 429-8967 
A regular cruise on the 30 foot Stiletto boat, is on the south and the west coast of Barbados, with stops for snorkelling.

St. James

Good Times Catamaran Cruises. Ken Watersports Inc., Lower Carlton, St. James, 422-1900.
Good Times offers private charters, lunch snorkel cruises, morning and sunset cruises including turtle trips. Lessons for snorkel beginners are free. Watersport activities, such as jet ski, banana rides, water-ski, scuba diving and fishing are available, also journeys to other Caribbean islands can be arranged.

Small Cats Catamaran Sailing Cruises, Prior Park Terrace, 421-6419.
Take the little ones on a sailing cruise. There are stops for snorkeling on a magnificent coral reef along the west coast, where you can swim with thousands of colourful reef fish and see a shallow shipwreck also you will have a unique opportunity to swim, play with and feed a family of green back turtles.

Vahiné - Private and Exclusive Sailing Catamaran Charter. If you are looking for a cruise with an exceptional difference, then Vahiné is the obvious choice. This spacious French built 57ft Lagoon catamaran offers private luxury cruises with your personal choice of itinerary. Vahiné is among the island’s most exclusive sailing charters offering gourmet catering, with wine and champagne.
They will pick you up at your nearest beach.  Call 420-3006, if after hours: Chris at 234-0559 or 435-7612. Fax: 420-2444

Eltigre Cruises offers catamaran sailing cruises.  Private charters are available.


St. Thomas

West Water Adventures Barbados, 3 Warren Terrace, 421-6008 or 233-6089.
Enjoy a relaxing boat cruise, in a specially designed glass bottom boat, along the West Coast while viewing many colourful species of coral fish, plants and coral formations through the glass bottom of our boat. Go diving and snorkelling in the warm, turquoise waters of Barbados, where you can interact with exotic fish and feed our friendly hawksbill sea turtles that swim around you.


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