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Bars And Pubs In Barbados


Christ Church

Carib Beach Bar, Worthing, 435-8540.

Red Rooster Pub & Grill, 435-3354.

The Ship Inn, St. Lawrence Gap, (The Gap) 420-7447.

Bubba's Sport's Bar & Restaurant, 435-8731.

Turtle Nest Beach Bar, Amaryllis Beach Resort, 438-8000.

B4 Blues Waterfront Restaurant & Blues Bar, 435-6560.

Boomers Restaurant & Bar, 428-8439.

Lucky Horseshoe, 435-5825.

MOJO, 435-9008.

Jam Rock Cafe, 435-6665.

Champers Wine Bar & Restaurant. 435-6644.

OPA! Greek Restaurant & Bar, 435-1234.

39 Steps Bistro & Wine Bar, 427-0715.

McBride's Pub & Cookhouse, 420-7646.

The Aquapisce Bar & Grill, 435-6462.

Jibboom's Restaurant & Bar, Silver Rock Hotel, Silver Sands Beach, 428-2866. Right on the beach!

Kolors Restaurant & Beach Bar, Sandy Beach Island Resort, Worthing, 435-8000.

Sugar Reef Restaurant & Beach Bar, Rockley Beach, 435-8075.

Muscovado Bar & Restaurant, Hastings, 228-0900.

The Flying Fish Restaurant & Bar, Yellow Bird Hotel, St. Lawrence Gap, (The Gap) 418-9772.

St. Andrew

Sand Dunes Bar & Restaurant, 422-9427.

Bonito Bar & Restaurant, 433-9034.

St. James

Casbah, 432-2258.

Scarlet Bar & Restaurant, Paynes Bay, 432-3663.

Coach House Restaurant & Bar, 432-1163.

Il Tempio Italian Restaurant & Beach Bar, 432-2057.

Surfside Restaurant & Bar, 432-2105.

John Moore Bar, 422-2258.

Elbow Room Bar & Stone Grill Dining, 432-1927

Spago Restaurant & Bar, 2nd Street, Holetown, 432-7394

O'Crystal Bar & Bistro, 432-0718.

Ragamuffins Bar & Restaurant, Holetown, 432-1295.

St. Joseph

Bonita Bar & Grill, Bathsheba, 433-9034.

The Round House Inn Restaurant & Bar, Bathsheba, 433-9678.

St. Michael

Weiser's On The Bay Beach Bar & Restaurant, 425-6450.

The Boatyard, 420-7447.

The Bajan Pub, Bay St., St Michael, 436-1664.

Bird's Nest Restaurant & Bar, 426-2807.

St. Peter

La Mer Restaurant, St Peter, 419-2000.Fisherman's Pub & Beach Bar, St. Peter 422-2702.

St. Thomas

Lord Willoughby's Tavern, St Thomas, 421-2121.



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Bars & Pubs In Barbados

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