Go Mediterranean Today!

..... our list of restaurants in Barbados serving foods of the Mediterranean!.....

Christ Church

OPA! Greek Restaurant & Bar, 435-1234.

Mama Mia Italian Deli, 434-DELI. (3354)

Champer's, wine bar & restaurant, 435-6644.

Pravda Lounge, St. Lawrence Gap, (The Gap) 420-7617.

St. James

Olives Bar & Bistro, 432-2112.

Bistro Flindt On The Hill, 419-7622.

Bajan Blue, at the Sandy Lane Hotel, 444 2000; Toll Free for U.S. and Canada: 866-444-4080.

Calabaza, 424-4557.

Daphne's, 432-2731.

St. Thomas

Bagatelle Great House, 421-6767.


Christ Church

Pizza Hut, 428-7152.

Pizza-Man Doc, Sheraton Ctr., 437-2997.
Pizza-Man Doc, Quayside Centre, 435-6652.

St. James

Pizza-Man Doc, Holders Hill, 432-1700.

St. Michael

Pizza-Man Doc, 136 Roebuck St, 436-8381.
Pizza-Man Doc, Baxters Rd, 436-4571.

South Deck, 436-2622.

St. Peter

Pizza-Man Doc, St Peter, 422-1432.

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