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Art Galleries And Craft Shops In St. Michael



Pelican Craft Centre is a large craft outlet and workshop on Princess Alice Highway in Bridgetown. 

Craftsmen make and sell their finished products at the centre.  You can see the crafts people at work making pottery,  cigars and moulded figures,  also blowing glass, carving, weaving and sewing.

Here's a list of some of the stores from which you can purchase excellent art, crafts and other great merchandise:

Second Hand Rose for a wide assortment of choice recycled articles including books, dinner ware, lamps, furniture, linens and pictures.

Dream Works, 19 Pelican Craft Centre, Bridgetown, 416-3510.
Purchase shell decorated items, such as picture frames, bags, mirrors and more.

Wintex Tees, Pelican Craft Centre.
Purchase T-shirts, polo shirts, cloth hats, sunglasses and belts.

Caribbean Cigar Co. Inc., 3 Pelican Industrial Park, Bridgetown, 437-8519.
The craftsman will roll Cuban Cigars by hand & sell it to you as soon as it's done.

Val's Manufacturing is a sewing shop where you can purchase sundresses, shirts, children's clothing and bags.

Skeete's Art Studio offers hand-painted figurines, oil paintings and souvenirs.

Glass Creations done right in front of you and which can be purchased before it cools off!

Roslyn of Barbados offers clay figurines, straw handbags, woven placemats, antique maps, books and masks.

Tortuga sells rum cakes, alcoholic beverages, key chains, postcards and more.

Art Wiz, 434-0377.
Ceramic jewelry boxes, mirrors, lamps, cushions and home decorating service.

Gift Line, Pelican Craft Centre, offers shell craft, jewellery, bathroom accessories, figurines and bead craft.

Hewitt's Metal Art, 424-4143.Purchase forged metal figurines, clocks, candle holders and wall decorations.

Island Flowers & Gift Baskets, offers rum cakes, sauces, sweets, syrups and gift baskets made to order.

The Blue Gallerie, 11 Pelican Craft Centre, 426-7639.
Blue Gallerie features imaginative items crafted by young local artists.

Angelique Custom Creations, Workshop 2B,Building #2,Pelican Estate,Bridgetown, 431-0274 or 257-7546.
Designer jewellery and accessories.

Tulis Batik Barbados, 2 Pelican Village, Bridgetown, 228-0142.
Original batik shirts, wraps, scarves, wall hangings, pictures and greeting cards.

Islandcrafts (B'dos) Ltd., 2 Pelican Craft Centre, Bridgetown, 426-4391.
Basketry, pottery, glass art, wood craft, dolls, Wire sculpture and more. Additional shops are at Harrison's Cave, the airport courtyard, and the airport departure lounge. Write to islandcrafts@caribsurf.com

Collectors' Treasures, Pelican Craft Centre,Harbour Road,Bridgetown, 418-0747.
Pottery napkin rings, vases and ornaments, for home decor as well as functional gift items, using Barbados red clay.

Baskets & Ting, 12 Pelican Craft Centre, 426-5213.
Rattan products generally made from rattan, flat wood and other natural materials.

Artforms, 2 Pelican Industrial Estate, 228-0261.
Original and unique mahogany sculptures, bowls, chambered boxes, and sea washed glass jewelry. Buy online at http://www.diaspora-now.com/Gifts%20Pages/art-forms.htm

Golden Calabash, 2 Pelican Industrial Estate, Bridgetown, 228-0261.
Wood sculptures offer collector’s boxes.

Diane Crafts, Pelican Craft Centre, Harbour Road, Bridgetown, 425-9180.
Khus khus grass magnets, cane lily bookmarkers, bags, Christmas tree decorations and dolls of every description.

Harwood Woodworks, 436-7259.
Hand crafted mortars, pestles, fruit and salad bowls, coasters, figurines and bud vases.

Roots and Grasses, 3 Pelican Craft Centre, Bridgetown, 431-0588.
Seebaskets woven on the spot. Purchase planters, Khus-Khus rugs, laundry baskets, bread baskets and exotic basket sculpture.

Fine Art Framing, Pelican Industrial Park, Bridgetown, 426-5325.
Purchase fine art and have it framed.

Indigenous Potteries, Pelican Craft Centre.
Indigenous Potteries work mainly with Barbadian clay mined in the parish of St. Andrew. The glazes used are environmentally friendly materials and all are food safe. All are lead free. Their special black matte glaze that's called "Manjak" is also available.
All items are microwave safe and oven proof. the utility items make excellent oven to tableware.

Island Crafts, 5 Pelican Craft Centre, Bridgetown, 426-4391.
Offers locally made pottery, wood carvings, straw items, glass art, batik, and wire sculptures. Additional shops are at Harrison's Cave, the airport courtyard, and the airport departure lounge.

Ann's Craft Centre, Pelican Village, Bridgetown, 434-0599.
At Ann's Craft Centre, you can purchase beautiful hats and bags of all descriptions made of natural 100% local straw. As well, you will find a variety of handbags, shopping bags, beach bags, overnight cases, clutch bags, children bags, shoulder bags, purses, hats of various sizes and shapes, fans and other handmade items.

The Monkey Pot, Pelican Craft Centre, Bridgetown, 426-4906.
The store offers local handmade arts & crafts. Among the wares you will find hand-painted dresses, ties, ceramics, sea-glass jewelry and papier-mache products.

You can also find the Barbados Arts Council & Gallery, at 20 Pelican Craft Centre, Harbour Road, Bridgetown, 426-4385.
"The Barbados Arts Council is the oldest continuing organization of its kind in Barbados, providing a structure for the overall development of art. Over the years, the BAC's scope has narrowed, and now focuses almost entirely on the visual arts."

As well there is the Scheper's Cork & Bottle Wine Bar & Bistro, for relaxed dining in an open-air setting.  Courtyard barbecue every Friday night, and ...

Cou-Cou Village Restaurant and Bar serves up local cuisine. Dine indoors or in the spacious courtyard.  Karaoke every Friday night.




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